About me / Who I am and what I do.

I wrote, shot and edited my first film when I was 13 years old and I have not put the camera down since. With an honours first class degree in

Advertising Design at the University of Salford and numerous cinematographic projects under my belt, I have a strong understanding of each stage of the production process in the advertising industry.


I was chairman of Salford University Boat Club and a member of the university’s football team. I speak four different languages, lived in France, China and the United Kingdom and have a diverse cultural background, visiting over forty different countries. But it’s now time to join your team and make some amazing films together.

Principles / What defines my workflow.

In my professional career I've been influenced by many things, but what mostly defines my workflow and the quality of my projects are the principles listed below:




Film is just a way to bring life to written art and I think it is often forgotten within the technology and visuals aspects. Most of my production process is focused on making a script that stands out.

At the end of the day who or what you put in front of the camera will decide the outcome of your film. I take extra care on finding the perfect locations and actors for their specific projects.

Cinematography is something I am very passionate about, I put a lot of effort in making every shot stand out more than the last one. Film is a visual storytelling media and aesthetics is a fundamental for me.




I have always been drawn to film as I believe it is the art that brings out the most emotion. I see and make films as one long build up to that pivotal point where the music drops and the goosebumps appears.

I see beauty in simplicity, for me less is always more. I believe that anything that doesn’t add to the story takes away from it. I stay focused and concentrated on the story, only adding elements to it if I believe it will help convey the message better.

The message is probably the most important aspect of any art. What will your audience take away from your piece of work. I like to not force feed the message and let the viewer think for themselves.


9855   hours of work

9   years of experience

20.1k  vimeo views

31  vimeo videos

Work / My best work so far.


Many see commercials as a creative barrier to telling great stories, I see them as a creative challenge. Here are my top commercials I have produced over the years.








Through out my time as a filmmaker I have been involved in a range of diverse and exciting projects. I have produced short stories, biographies, promotional films and music videos.






Skillset / My weapons of choice.

I was always thrilled about computers and technology itself. The ability to give a machine instructions, and get back the results that you wanted was something that made me (still makes me) feel like a magician.


For the last few years I've spent time developing various editing skills, which are mostly film and advertising oriented. Somewhere in-between I've discovered a great potential and passion for graphics, web and  design. Everything combined, with the eagerness to learn new / more things and improve myself, have made me the person I'm today. Below I've listed a handful of skills that are relevant to me (you can get more juicy details reading my resume on tumblr).

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe  After Effects

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop





Get in touch / Looking forward to working with you.

You like the stuff you've seen so far? Maybe you like my style, my work... maybe it's just the charisma or the fact that I'm just suited / fated to work on your new project. In any case, feel free to drop a line and I'll be happy to reply asap and even drink a cup of coffee and small talk with you :).

Contact details

+44 (0) 7540 136 197


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